How to install a WordPress Plugin – Step by step Beginner’s guide for 2018

how to install wordpress plugins

The most crucial part of all the beginners to know how to install WordPress plugins. Because the plugins provide many features and functions for WordPress websites such as add contact forms, widgets and much more. In this tutorial, we will cover all the methods to install WordPress plugins.

If you don’t know to install the WordPress theme, then please check out this guide.

Installing WordPress plugins is done in below methods

  •     Using WordPress plugin search function.
  •     Upload the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
  •     Upload plugin via FTP manager (Advanced).

1. Use the search function: How to install WordPress plugins

Installing the plugin with the WordPress dashboard is an easiest and fastest method when compared to other methods. The WordPress search function will only show the plugin which is free.

First, go to your WordPress Dashboard then Click on Plugins > Add New Like below.

how to install wordpress plugins

Now you will see the bunch of plugins and you see a search box on the top right corner. Like below,

how to install wordpress plugins

In this case, I searched for All in one SEO pack, Here are the results I’ve searched for and the first plugin, I searched.

You simply click on “install now” button to install the plugin now WordPress will download and install the plugin for you.

After you install the plugin make sure the plugin is activated?

Now you easily activate the plugin just click the “Activate” button, Like below.

how to install wordpress plugins

After installing the plugin successfully you can also check the plugin settings and customize them whatever you want.

2. Upload the plugins from WordPress dashboard: How to install WordPress plugins

As I said before, the free plugin can only be installed through the first method. The paid plugins and downloaded plugins from other websites cannot be installed by the first method.

Now, this situation WordPress simplify provides an option to upload the plugin to install a paid and downloaded plugin.

First, simply you click on “Plugins > Add New” you see “upload plugin” button on the top left side.

how to install wordpress plugins

After seeing the upload plugin button, simply click on that button to move the next step…

Next, you will see a screenshot like below

how to install wordpress plugins

Second, Click on Choose File to install the plugin you have downloaded in the Zip format. Make sure to check out that the plugin you have downloaded as a (Zip format).

When you choose the plugin from your computer simply click on “install now” button. Now you seem plugin installed successfully like below.

how to install wordpress plugins

You need to activate the plugin you installed, simply click on “Activate plugin” button.

Now the plugin was activated successfully. You need to configure the plugin’s settings to get full advantages of it.

If you want to install another WordPress plugin simply click on “Return to plugin installer” link it will go for your plugins directory page. You can easily install plugins on the same method.

3. Upload plugin via WordPress dashboard: How to install WordPress plugins

In this case, you can’t install the plugins in the WordPress dashboard. It will be restricted by your hosting providers, you can then use the FTP method to install the plugin manually.

There are many FTP client software available for internet such as File Zilla, Cyber-Duck, etc. You can use which client software is best for you I personally recommended using File Zilla. The FTP manager method is a bit difficult for people who are in the beginners for blogging.

First, you need to download the source file of the plugin (It is a zip file). Then you need to extract a plugin (unzip) it to any of your computer’s folder. The extracted plugin (unzipped) will be saved in a new folder of the same name.

You need to know your FTP username and password. If you don’t know the username and password, contact your hosting provider and ask them.

Second, open the FTP client software that you use on your computer. I use File Zilla you can use any other client software.

install wordpress plugins

Third, connect your website using login credentials provided by your web host. This method is usually the same in any client software.

Login steps

First, you need to put on your hostname, username, password and port number provided by your web host.

Next, Click the Quick connect button to connect your website with FTP manager.

Once connected your site you need to access this area /wp-content/plugins/.

Next, you upload a folder which you extract under /wp-content/plugins/ on your web server.

how to install wordpress plugins

After uploading the plugin you need to activate the plugin on your WordPress dashboard in the plugins area. Click plugins you will see your plugin installed successfully like above. Easily click on activate the link to activate the plugin or you may wish to delete it.


I covered all the three methods of installing the WordPress plugins. I hope that this tutorial will help you learn how to install WordPress plugins easily.

If you have any doubt in this article, feel free to comment below.

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